We are a collective of 100 artists, bands, producers, MCs, labels, composers and music entrepreneurs. We collaborate on new ways of making, earning from and communicating music. We share the same studio space in London to work, create music, perform, daydream and do business.

We started The Rattle with one clear vision. To resuscitate independent music. We work side by side and share our talents and successes. We believe that collaboration is the way to be independent today. We collaborate on records, concerts, technology and new ideas.

This year we open our second space in Los Angeles.

Music makers in the traditional music industry earn only 12% of the revenue. We don’t care for that statistic. So as a collective we design new technology, new apps, make new human connections and find new paths to allow artists to thrive.

To keep at the cutting edge, every day at The Rattle we have a guest expert in the space. Experts in music, publicity, art, film, finance, science and other fields. We adopt their wisdom to use in our own works.

We believe in independent artists. We create space and time to grow arts careers. We nurture the music technology of tomorrow. We are more powerful than the sum of our parts. We are The Rattle.

Are you one of us?