The Rattle started as an experimental music space. Today we’re a collective of 100 artists, creatives and tech makers sharing music studios and space. We work together to make new music, new business and new technology which makes music possible.

We are 100% independent, we DIY our careers and believe wholeheartedly in the importance of music culture in society. We use our collective strength to disrupt, self-release, start new labels and create new platforms for art.

The music industry is changing at a rapid pace. Now 24,000 songs appear on the internet every single day. Every earth-shatteringly important record is released alongside many thousands of dull ones. In amongst all of this chaos and noise, potential iconic artists are lost. We believe fans deserve to find and fall in love with the important songs which defines their lives. This is our reason for The Rattle existing. 

We fight to stay ahead of the curve, so we find brilliant, gifted people to share their wisdom with us. Not only platinum selling artists and leaders in music industry – but scientists, visual artists, comedians, film producers, social media gurus, hackers, writers – anyone who has something vital we can learn. We use that knowledge daily.

Are you one of us?