Alt-pop band Berne have released a new music video for their debut single ‘Oceans’, filmed at The Rattle.

Berne recently released their debut single Oceans, which was paired with an unforgettable release party in the space. The night showcased a true display of the collective power. With Rattlers showing support with performances, sound, tech and a whole load of love.

We were also lucky enough to see a sneak preview of their music video that evening. That video is now available (below) for everyone to see!

Oceans expresses a struggle to understand why people are threatened by diversity. Illustrating a disconnect within society. Using this track to challenge people for only protecting and providing for their own. Oceans is a direct response to the diplomatic stand-off amongst European leaders over the fate of 32 migrants who were left aboard The Sea Watch 3 for eighteen days in Dec 2018.

“With every day that passed, I could not bring myself to believe that this was allowed to happen. That human beings were without basic human needs for so long while politicians were enjoying their Christmas feasts.” – Berne via Where The Horn Blows.

Tyron Woolfe, a British Sign Language performer featured in the video. Berne wanted to ensure that the video was accessible to as many people as possible. With a clear message and a goal to celebrate diversity they bought Tyron on and added subtitles. Ensuring that anyone could enjoy their creation.

“We think that music is more than a collection of sounds and the message in a song can go a long way” – Berne via Where The Horn Blows.

Check out their video below and the song here. We cannot wait to see what they do next!

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