The incredible debut single from Bert Brett ‘Anything’ is out now!  Having played it live for the first time at the last Rattle showcase this song is providing us with all the right vibes to get through this week. The track questions the existence of social autonomy in the UK, it is gritty, hooky, raw and direct, asking the listener: “Can You Do Anything?”.

With influences ranging from Jamie T and Alex Turner, to classics like The Kinks and The Clash, his songs blend dynamic guitar lines with catchy pop melodies and poetic lyrics, capturing the bittersweet strife of modern life – from love and loss on London streets, to the everyday struggle of making ends meet.

Bert is going to be releasing a new track every six weeks following his debut in 2020, we expect big things so keep your eyes and ears peeled!

Listen to Bert Brett ‘Anything’ here.

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