Want a generic fancy co-working space? I’m afraid this is not for you. Looking for book by the hour grungy out of town rehearsal space? Again, I’m afraid this isn’t for you.

Want instead to become part of a collective of the most inspiring creators, thinkers and do-ers in your city? Want to share studios and workspace with people who genuinely feel a sense of ownership and look after their space? Want to develop your music in the same space as innovative tech developers who can help you think differently about distribution, marketing and monetisation? Want to build your music tech business in the same space as artists making music? Want the opportunity to learn from and build relationship with mentors really who understand your journey and have the domain knowledge to help you navigate round you challenges? You are in the right place.

All Rattle members receive: Access to all events and programming.

Ad hoc support from The Rattle team. Introductions to MENTORS and our network.

FREE on the day studio bookings.


£250 / month

25 hours studio time

Monthly check in with the EIR*

Monthly executive production meetings


£350 / month

45 hours of studio time

Weekly check in the with the EIR*

5 hours of PIR* in-studio, hands-on work


£100 / month

Available after 6 months of membership

PAYG studio bookings

Can work from the space one day a week


£150 / month

For additional members of teams

Add on members are £150 (If you are part of a larger group we can talk about other price options)

The team shares the allocation privileges of the main member.

*EIR - Entrepreneur in residence  *PIR - Producer in residence