Aurel grew up on the backstage of her parents’ classical music concerts, accompanying them on worldwide tournées and being surrounded by classical musicians. While starting to learn piano, cello, flute and guitar before the age of ten, she always knew that classical music wasn’t where she wanted to go. 

She has been writing songs long before she can remember, and music has always been her way to exorcise her fears, create a connection with herself and tell fascinating stories.

Finding her own musical voice wasn’t an easy journey though. It took an electro-pop band, several tours, a move to the UK and a very painful break from music.

When she went back to songwriting it took her a while to craft songs that truly belonged to the world of fiction that she was seeing in her head. It wasn’t until Summer 2017 that she felt ready to take her music to the next level.

While playing live at several venues in London including the Notting Hill Arts Club, she started her collaboration with Grammy Award winning producer Brett Shaw, with whom she refined two of her most recent songs, Disposable Lies and Find You.

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