Live vocal MIDI control is arriving for digital musicians, producers and performers.

Translating musical ideas from our heads into real music is a challenge for any musician or producer.

Expressing and capturing ideas, developing instrumentation, refining sounds and laying down beats using traditional methods and MIDI inputs can be rewarding, but it’s also slow, painstaking and requires lots of technical know-how and experience.

When you’ve got an idea for a sound, melody, beat or song, the go-to and most natural way to to communicate it is with the voice— our built in tool for expression. We all sing, hum and record voice memos – but that’s often where that idea ends, never making it into the studio or onto the stage.

But what if you could skip the recording and use the voice to compose directly into your favourite DAW? For the last 3 years this is exactly what we’ve been working on.

Introducing the Dubler Studio Kit: A revolutionary piece of music tech that enables live vocal control, selection and manipulation of samples, virtual instruments and audio effects.

Our technology unlocks the power and potential of the one instrument you’ve been practicing since birth, the voice, and breaks down the barriers to music creation. Now anyone can create music and control sounds— quickly, easily and intuitively.

Just imagine beatboxing sounds triggering a virtual drumkit, humming a synthline, or manipulating effects and filters all vocally— all in real-time.

Dubler Studio Kit allows you to focus on the sound and production you want to create.

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