Over 100 artists, producers, tech makers, entrepreneurs and rule-breakers have been Rattling London since February 2018 in the city's most iconic venue, Tobacco Docks

They share a suite of fully equipped world-class music, production, writing, and technology studios, a large creative workspace and performance venue to make and host their creations.

foreign beggars @ The Rattle

Supporting them are local experts in production, songwriting, engineering, tech making, product design, fundraising, performance, and hacking the business of music. Each expert has 'done it before' and support members through advice and hands-on help.

imogen heap - rattle mentor

They see the world differently to others. Each member is a designer of their own future. They rock the boat, rattle the cage, and ruffle a few feathers. They are founders of music, culture, and technology.

mark stevenson - rattle mentor

Rattle London is open.
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