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Rattle LA is a collective of artists, producers, small labels and music technologists. We have taken over a historic Hollywood soundstage and built our own venue, recording and rehearsal studios, inspiring workspace and facilities.

Over the last 100 years cultural history has been made here. Charlie Chaplin, Pharrell Williams, Bing Crosby, Universal Pictures, Michael Jackson, Dr. Dre, BBC, Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio, David Lynch have all used this space. Now we are collaborating on the next generation of music

As well as sharing the facilities, we share our knowledge, resources, network and expertise. We collaborate on songs, videos, concerts, experiences and products. Together we redefine what it means to work in music fairly, ethically, in independence and with meaning.
As well as music creators, we welcome young companies exploring new models that look to the future of the music industry and put power back into artists’ hands.

Art changes the world. Our collective strength shelters individuals from corporate influence, allowing artists to speak and create freely. We're here to rattle the cage.

Rattle LA is opening in Silver Lake in January 2020.
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