The brothers behind Studio Amplify, Jonah and Alex Fox have blown our minds with their latest music app release ‘Cosm – Music for your mind’.

Cosm is a generative ambient music app designed to help the user focus or relax by creating stunning soundscapes based on the parameters selected. For example, by simply touching the screen to create ever evolving melodies and soundtracks to immerse your mind. The app is carefully crafted to be atmospheric and calming as each layer evolves. Once you have created your epic ambient soundscape, you can then listen back to it. As a result, allowing the fluctuation of the music you’ve created to guide your relaxation and self-reflective thoughts.

With sound, music and creativity as a representative of complex thoughts and emotions, it is an important way to explore mental health.  As it has a significant impact on the wellbeing of our minds and souls. Because of this, the music app is designed with a combination of concepts from cognitive psychology. People can use Cosm to help with reducing stress, anxiety, improving concentration, falling asleep and reflecting on thoughts and emotions. Because of this, Cosm is a perfect amalgamation of musical experience as well as a resource to destress and relax.

Learn more here.

Download the the app here.

Learn about The Rattle here.

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