James Wilkie and Lisa Chang Lee presented a preview of their project “Serenade of the Woods”. A multi-screen moving image and sound installation in The Rattle space.

Their brilliant audiovisual piece examines the movement of plants. They do this by transforming the plants motion into music. Their project explores the boundaries and illustrates the possibilities between contemporary technology and naturalism. They then use algorithms to process the movement of the plants swaying in the breeze. Resulting in a secret melody for the plant to play.

Each plant is given a corresponding musical instrument. Then, through the analysis of computer data, the rhythm of plants in the breeze is read, and replicated into musical scores. They applied the French composer Olivier Messiaen’s system called Modes of limited transposition. Human performers then perform the musical scripts written by nature.

For this installation new sound tracks were mixed with instruments and subsequently played by musicians for the first time. Rosanna and Francesca Ter-Berg played flute and cello for the project. And Beibei Wang played live at the audiovisual screening. Beibei is a virtuoso multi-percussionist and composer. She played alongside the project, resulting in a unique interpretation of the music scripts composed by computer algorithm and nature. 

If you missed  serenade of the woods this time, then check out others that are coming up here.

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