In partnership with The House of Songs, [FRICK COMPLETE], The Rattle are creating the Anti SXSW retreat for 2020. With space for over 20 groundbreaking changemakers in music, technology, and culture to stay for free, The Rattle is creating a 'home base' for these hackers of culture and have their voices amplified across the fesitival

house of songs

If you are an emerging talent in music, tech, or culture, and you have a chip on your shoulder that the world should be better, apply to be a resident of The Rattle House at SXSW 2020.

Being a resident includes:

  • Free accommodation between the 13th and 21st March, 10 mins from Raney Street (*note, you may be sharing a room)
  • Support from an in-house Artist in Residence and in-house Entrepreneur in Residence to help you hack your time at SXSW
  • Support from carefully chosen partners in music & tech to provide you an amplified voice at the Festival
  • An in-house live-music & video recording setup for residents to boss SXSW
  • A few sponsor-led dinners and workshops for residents and their invited guests
  • Curated investor, pitching, showcasing, and demo-creating events for residents only
  • Amplification on our Pirate Radio Station broadcasting across the entire festival
  • A true spirit of community famous of The Rattle Collective

We want the freaks and geeks, the crazy inventors and future changemakers, the hackers and rule-breakers to use their talents of creating to change the world.

If you want in, apply now.