Soulendvr has been killing it recently with their unique live music events in London, celebrating Jazz, Film and DJ’s.

Their OST (Original Soundtrack) nights combine live music and film in one amazing experience. Giving short films and iconic movie scenes a brand new score, improvised live by a collective of jazz musicians who have not seen the films beforehand. It’s a truly individual celebration of imagination and creativity in the moment! They have a jazz set before and after the films, as well as DJs playing all night long, it’s a music filled experience that is not to be missed. Find out when the next one is here.

As well as their OST nights, Soulendvr also hosts late night Jazz sessions. All taking place under candle-lit railway arches. Jay Phelps and the rest of the band take you on a journey through the wonders of jazz, a rich tapestry of imagination and creativity. With layers and layers of texture, rhythmic expression and virtuous solos, you’ll enjoy every second of the music.

Keep up to date with all of their events on instagram.