Founded and created by engineer, inventor and designer George Wright. Dubler Studio Kit is a real-time vocal recognition MIDI controller. It offers up a never seen before way to translate your musical ideas into reality, using the one instrument you are always using – the voice. With their Dubler Studio Kit you can hum a melody or synth pattern, beatbox to trigger a virtual drumkit, or manipulate effects and filters with a “hmmm”, “laaaa” or “oohhh” sound – all in realtime. Transforming your voice into the ultimate MIDI controller.

With the aim to help you to release the stems of musical ideas trapped inside your head and get them directly into your production software simply by vocalising them live, Vochlea means that nearly anyone can compose. It is no surprise that Vochlea went above and beyond with their Kickstarter goal back in April, raising over £218k. It’s probably a good shout to pre order it here while you still can.

Vochlea plans to optimise the technology for smartphones, so it can be embedded in a mobile peripheral. Keep an eye out!

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